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VS EXPERTISE possesses experiences from working in various countries or continents such as Canada, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean islands and in the Middle East :

Business Development:

  • Coordination of the construction of sport and health center;
  • Strategic and operational development of video games company;
  • Counseling and assistance in the creation of some companies: Société Canadienne pour le Développement et le Transfert de Technologie (SOCADETTEC); Health Research and Consulting Group (HRCG );
  • Analysis, Evaluation and Follow-up of  business development in “Table-Montréal-Afrique” projects ;
  • Military health  cooperation project in Ukrainia.


  • Implementation analysis and logic model elaboration in maternal health care quality project;
  • Economic Evaluation for Doctor Without Borders in AIDS project;
  • Evaluation of the quality of vaccination technics and injection safety in Africa;
  • Evaluation of current and future needs in the targeted population disserved by an hospital;
  • Evaluation of user fees from health system reforms;
  • Evaluation of educational needs in human and social sciences.


  • Coordination of two institutions and implementation of a common database about tuberculosis surveillance;
  • Management and control in a French hospital;
  • Policy elaboration, program and action plans development in health care within the framework of the National Plan for integrated Health services and decentralization development;
  • Strategic implementation and integration of the Minimum Activity Package at the national level;
  • Elaboration and development of sanitary districts plans;
  • Marketing strategy development to improve the service sector in Pakistan

Events and meetings organization:

  • Organization of a national sporting championship;
  • Organization of the student participation in a national colloquium;
  • Organization of entertaining activities for the Direction General of Strategic Planning from Department of National Defense Headquarter (NDHQ);
  • Organization of a pedometer’ s challenge event for Direction General of Air Personnel (Chief of Air Staff) Ottawa.
  • Elaboration of indicators and data collection of performance measurement (NDHQ, Ottawa);
  • Dashboard development for the follow-up and the nosocomial infections control;
  • Development of an integrated conceptual framework for management standards;
  • Development and implementation of the Air Personnel Dashboard (Chief of Air Staff, Ottawa);
  • Hospital performance analysis at the Montreal Mother and Child Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center (Montreal, Canada).
  • Development of strategic planning tools in accordance with the system dynamics models for the banking industry and the transport industry;
  • Supervision of a research project on youth, sexuality and AIDS;
  • Validation of a measuring instrument of patients’ satisfaction: Medical Outcome Study ( M.O.S);
  • Validation of a measuring instrument in patients’ rehabilitation: Sickness Impact Profile ( S.I.P.);
  • Development of strategic planning tools in accordance with the system dynamics models for HIV / SIDA programs;
  • System dynamics modeling in the context of military human resources retention;
  • Obtaining Canadian federal government financing for the NGO “Table-Montréal-Afrique” to support an African - Canadian forum of the mayors ;
  • Obtaining municipal financing for the NGO “Table-Montréal-Afrique” to support an African - Canadian forum of the mayors.
  • Canadian Air Force
  • Nation Unies, programme de développement Thaïlande -Pakistan
Technology transfer:
  • Exploration and promotion of a canadian construction process in Europe, Africa and Asia;
  • Exploration and promotion of the JORKY BALL sport in North America.

Other consultations:

  • Translation and subtitling of a documentary for Makounba Production Studio in Montreal (Canada).