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Why should you deal with VS EXPERTISE? 
  • Sharp expertise: VS EXPERTISE provides expert professional and organizational skills with professional consultants in specialized domains or with specific skills to answer the challenges, improve an intervention or management performance. This includes the latest in new technologies and new management methods. 
  • Emergency: VS EXPERTISE can intervene in case your company needs a prompt answer to an organizational concern or dilemma or if internal resources are lacking. We can rapidly respond in specific situations and domains. 
  • Objectivity: VS EXPERTISE can also provide you with an objective analysis of a complex situation between keys stakeholders within your company. Even the most qualified of your employees might be influenced through their job activities, personal relations or work habits and would analyse the problem in a biased way. As we are independent and outside the daily dynamic of your company, you can be assured of our objectivity in resolving conflicting internal situations. 
  • Confidentiality: in cases where a manager requires a study to be done confidentially,  VS EXPERTISE can help you in market studies, company acquisition studies, or any strategic sensitive information. 
  • Credibility: VS professional EXPERTISE can be contracted to present reports where rationale is used for decision-making by the companies’ senior managers. Employees may be well aware of the appropriate decision to take but require extra analysis or deliberations. In this situation, your company can be assured that VS EXPERTISE will assist in the analysis with the highest standards of scientific authenticity (validity, objectivity and reliability) in its results.
  • Work load shifting: VS EXPERTISE can supply lacking temporary staff to complete internal projects or specific studies in support of management needs. 
  • Domains: corporate management, health awareness and education, biomedical evaluation and recommendations, economy, ergonomic analyses, domestic and public safety (security). 
  • Practice: Evaluation, performance measurement and analysis, human resources management, domestic and public safety (security), system dynamics, quantitative and qualitative research, data collection, economic analysis, simulation and modeling, logic model, health awareness and education, ergonomic analyses and recommendations. 
  • Availability to travel: VS EXPERTISE is ready to carry on timely projects anywhere in the world, in French or English. Our team has experts fluent in Bambara, Gouro, Baoulé for Africa, Créole for Antilles, and Arabic for Middle East.
  • Multiculturalism: VS EXPERTISE is ready willing and able to provide its rich and available professional experience throughout the world, from the United States to Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and West Indies.