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Several fields of intervention
Consulting - Business Development - Evaluation - Management
Events and meeting organization - Performance evaluation - Researches and development
Funding research and business plan - building - Sub-contracting - Transfer of technology


Company and institution adviser

  • Strategy adviser 
  • Management adviser 
  • Operational procedure adviser 
  • Marketing adviser 
  • Risk management adviser 
  • Knowledge and information management adviser 
  • Political and social groups adviser 
  • Coaching 
  • Domestic and public safety (security) adviser
  • Strategic management 
  • Human resources management 
  • Financial ressource management 
  • Information and knowledge management 
  • Stock, equipment, immobilisation management 
  • Customer -provider relationship management 
  • Material and immaterial management (integrated management, employees, flows, etc) 
  • Training programs 
  • Project management
  • Qualitative research 
  • Quantitative research 
  • Data collection 
  • Survey construction 
  • Supervision 
  • Applied researches :
    1. Research proposal writing, including shooting for financial resources 
    2. Project supervision and coordination 
    3. Data analysis 
    4. Scientific and technical report writing 
    5. Tax return seeking on scientific research and experimental project development

Under a sub-contracting, VS EXPERTISE and whoever third party is personally responsible to bide to the contract signed in regards to the client expectations. VS EXPERTISE is paying particular attention to the diverse forms of sub-contracting : 

  • Speciality sub-contracting : when the customer does not own the required know-how to accomplish a project or build a product ; 
  • Capacity sub-contracting : when the customer can not answer to specific orders at one point in time; 
  • Marker sub-contracting: when the customer calls VS EXPERTISE to efficiently follow through on a business where a third party is involved; 
  • Business intermediation and ; 
  • Professional and academic training.
Events and meeting organization 
  • Forum 
  • Seminars 
  • Conferences 
  • Colloques 
  • Symposium 
  • Fund raising 
  • Social activities

Business development 

Partnerships include

  • Collaborating with partners, research networks, businesses to reinforce institutional capacities and financial viability. 
  • Searching for partnerships with other fund providers, where each brings its strengths and in the respect of each other program objectives. 
  • Helping research institutions, public and private companies to explore new partnerships 
  • Making sure of the collaboration between our customer’s staff and its partners. 
  • Developing relations with other fund providers and organizations (research, public, private, etc.) to build joint financing and joined activities. 
  • Establishing alliances to promote partnership projects between economic agents in Canada and other countries. 
  • Targeting promising market so as to develop the promotion of international and domestic trade whereby enhancing trading, investment, job creation and to stimulate growth.

Needs of customers are constantly evolving to sustain its position on the market. It is crucial to have a well-developped program for business development. VS EXPERTISE can build such a program unique for your specific needs and including one or more of the following items:

  • Efficient leadership (vision, company plan, values, politics and norms, communication, supervision) 
  • Coaching 
  • Performance indicators and scorecard 
  • Analysis and management of support process 
  • Management and strategic planning (planning and strategic orientations, managing changes, etc.) 
  • Management of fundings and financial or accountant management (budget, financial forecast, cash, prices, etc.) 
  • Strategic marketing plans 
  • Sales management (markets, compensations, complaints, price, place, communication, promotion, information and products) 
  • Survey on client satisfaction
Funding application and business plan building 

The world of business is thriving. Do not lose any more of your precious time to start a dream. VS EXPERTISE will provide you with its experience in starting and restructuring companies. 

A business plan is crucial to get fundings. Who are you? What do you want to accomplish? What is the spectrum of action of your project or compagny? When do you plan on starting activities? How do you plan to overhaul risks? VS EXPERTISE owns resources to help you in writing a successful business plan. 

VS EXPERTISE provides a professional and efficient support on the fields of :
  • Starting up companies 
  • Research of Fundings 
  • Strategy for development 
  • Marketing plan
  • Development of market 
  • Research of grants 
  • Incorporation 
  • Strategic partnership 
  • Growth management 
  • Need planification 
  • Staffing 
  • Productivity optimisation 
  • Trademark development

VS EXPERTISE provides you with program evaluation or intervention evaluation :

  • Evaluation of progress made. 
  • Evaluation base on valid data to support managers in their informed decisions to improve or build-up new programs, politics whereby maximising financial resources attribution (logic evaluation…). 
  • Needs evaluation of the programs and expected results to establish efficient paths to reach objectives ( strategic evaluation, implementation, evaluation…) 

VS EXPERTISE offers three types of legislative auditing :

  • Financial Audits; 
  • Special Examinations and; 
  • Performance Audits. 

Methods and techniques of evaluation employed at VS EXPERTISE are  : 

  • Qualitative methods, quantitative methods including case studies, surveys, statistical analysis, logical model construction… 
  • Evaluative research 
  • Participative evaluation 
  • Normative evaluation.
  • Individual Performance 
  • Integrated Performance 
  • Performance in management 
  • Strategic Performance 
  • Operational Performance 
  • Tactic Performance 
  • Performance related to strategic alignment 
  • Performance related to allocative alignment 
  • Performance related to legitimative alignment 
  • Performance related to contextual alignment 
  • Performance related to operational alignment 
  • Performance related to tactic alignment 
  • Performance related to culture and values 
  • Performance related to adaptation to the external environment 
  • Performance related to production 
  • Performance related to goal attainment
Transfer of technology

When new products or processes are developed in the industrial sector while carrying on technology and competitor check-up, VS EXPERTISE is acting as coordinator between technological innovation and the industrial sector through :

  • Research and development activities 
  • Product conception 
  • Interventions in companies 
  • Support for a competitive position at the international, regional, national levels. 
  • Innovation, transfer and technological intelligence, management and technological support in fields to be developed by the customer. 

VS EXPERTISE works with great care for technological innovations that are respectful of the environment and that aim towards sustainable development.