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Welcome from the CEO

VS EXPERTISE INC. is an independent private consultative firm company with expertise in management, evaluation, facilitation and mediation for businesses. We work for small, medium and large companies, both in the private, public, and government sectors. Today’s work and organizational environment moves fastly, is more competitive and is becoming increasingly more complex both for employers and employees.

Our interventions aim to respond to these current realities and challenges by developing sound answers, both practical and user-friendly. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of management, evaluation and mediation in business and work situations, we are well prepared to support our clients.

Our team of expert professionals strengthened by external collaborators will make themselves available to respond you your specific challenges wherever and whenever needed and in a timely fashion

VS EXPERTISE can also build integrated and dynamic approaches to answer upcoming management challenges. Hence helping companies in their strategic planning and goal setting by anticipating problems instead of spending scarce resources on the resolution of past events.

Our work is based on the commitment of our entire professional team and the full mobilization of other resources on an “as required” basis.
The partnership between VS EXPERTISE and your company is a joint action plans process. We then exercise efficient leadership, harmonious interactions, and participative method in collaboration with the management team of your company, clients and employees through consultations, knowledge and information sharing in responding to your unique needs..